Support the Shrine

Unlike many parishes, we have no investments, no properties from which we can collect rent and little cash in the bank. The Shrine is funded almost entirely on what people put in the collection each week. Covent Garden has a very small resident population, and so most of our collection comes from tourists staying in nearby hotels, or coming to the West End to see a show.

You can help us keep going by donating today online. You can either:

  • Make a one-off or regular donation using the button below
  • Donate towards the maintenance of the building / restoration project by clicking here.
  • Have a Mass offered for a particular intention by clicking here.
  • Have the Sanctuary Lamps burning before the tabernacle offered for an intention by clicking here.
  • Join the Sodality of the Blessed Sacrament today, and have Mass offered for your intentions each month.
  • Donate a set of Vestments to be worn at Mass.
  • Buy an ex voto offering to hang in the Lady Chapel.

If you can, please Gift Aid your donation by simply ticking the relevant box during the payment process. This allows us to claim 25% of your donation from the Government.

Thank you for whatever support you can give us. All Benefactors are remembered at the Altar each month, usually on the second Thursday of the month.

Click to donate

Other ways to Donate:

You can also make donations by bank transfer using the details below. Please make sure you include a reference stating clearly what the money is for – i.e. “Donation”, or “Mass intention”. If you are able to Gift Aid your bank transfer, please fill in this Gift Aid Declaration and either email or post it to us. Thank you.

Account Name: WRCDT: Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane
Bank: HSBC, 69 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5EY
Sort Code: 40-05-20
Account Number: 41094726

IBAN: GB 46 HBUK 4005 2041 094 726

Please make cheques payable to:
Corpus Christi Catholic Church
and post to:

Corpus Christi Catholic Church
Maiden Lane
United Kingdom

Our Financial Status

Corpus Christi is entirely financially dependent on what it receives in donations from parishioners, visitors and friends. In some countries, Italy for example, the State pays for the maintenance and repair of Catholic churches. This is not the case in the UK. Whilst the Archdiocese of Westminster owns the church and the land it is built on, the parish is entirely responsible for every aspect of its own upkeep, maintenance and repair, internally and externally.

Contrary to what is often wrongly assumed, we do not receive any financial support either from the Vatican nor from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster, of which this parish is a part. Together with all other parishes in Westminster Diocese we also make an annual financial contribution, according to our means, to the running of the diocese and its various public charities. We also contribute annually to Peter’s Pence and other public funds administered by the Holy See in Rome.

Remembering the Parish in your Will

Every adult with any form of assets or savings should have a legal Will in place. Wills are not just for wealthy people or seniors. If you’re married, have children or other dependents, having a Will is a ‘must’, to protect your loved ones and see that they are cared for. Most of all, a Will speaks for you in the settling of your estate. A Will ensures your charitable wishes are fulfilled as well.

A Will also allows you to donate to your favourite or heartfelt causes, reducing your taxable estate. Wills enable ‘the gift you’ve always wanted to give.’ Many Catholics hold their Faith dearly. They grew up in the Faith and lived their lives with the Catholic Church. Accordingly, leaving a legacy gift to their parish or to the diocese would be a natural and wonderful way to pass their faith on. Such a gift allows the Church to serve others and to help perpetuate our Catholic presence. Any legacy provision in your Will, large of small, counts and is needed. Please make a Will, or if you have one already, please consider designating a legacy gift to your parish. There are a number of ways to add a legacy provision to your Will, noted in this downloadable leaflet.

For many, our Catholic Faith is at the centre of their daily lives. A Legacy Gift is a great way to continue your generosity to the Church, expressing your love for our Catholic Faith and your parish, and to pass an example of Faith to the next generations. There are several ways in which you can make a Legacy Gift:

  • A bequest of a specific, fixed amount to your parish, to be included in your Will…. it can be £500 or £1,000…. or £50,000 to over £1 million – any amount!
  • A bequest of a percentage of your remaining estate to your parish after other provisions are made.… a substantive amount when you’re not exactly sure.
  • Designating the Catholic Church – your parish – to receive the remainder of your estate after beneficiaries are looked after…. a way to do something.
  • You can also designate specific items of property to your parish – your house, land owned, artwork, jewellery, antiques, precious metals, your car, and other appreciated assets or shares. For these, you must show a clear title of ownership and they must be appraisable.

Your priority will be to protect your family and loved ones, of course, and we hope your parish and the Catholic Church hold a special place too.

For more information on how to remember the Parish in your will, please email and resources and further information will be sent out to you.

Protecting your Privacy

As a member of this parish, you are part of the Diocese of Westminster, and as such your personal details and donations will be stored securely on the Diocese of Westminster’s database. We comply with data protection regulation and the Fundraising Regulator’s code of practice. We will never sell your data to third parties. 

We (your parish office and the Diocese) will use your details to administer your gifts, occasionally send you news on the work of the Church, and give you the opportunity to support appeals. We only share information with external organisations working on our behalf or when required by law (e.g. to claim Gift Aid). You can read our full privacy policy on