Becoming a Catholic

We do not make ourselves Christian. Becoming Christian is not something that follows a decision of mine: “herewith I make myself a Christian”. Of course, my decision is also necessary, but first of all it is an action of God with me: it is not I who make myself Christian. I am taken on by God, taken in hand by God and thus, by saying “yes” to God’s action I become Christian. Becoming Christians, in a certain sense is passive; I do not make myself Christian but God makes me his man, God takes me in hand and puts my life in a new dimension. Likewise I do not make myself live but life is given to me; I am not born because I have made myself a human being, but I am born because I have been granted to be human. Therefore my Christian being has also been granted to me, it is in the passive for me, which becomes active in our, in my life. And this fact of being in the passive, of not making ourselves Christian but of being made Christian by God, already to some extent involves the mystery of the Cross: only by dying to my selfishness, by coming out of myself, can I be Christian.

Pope Benedict XVI

Are you interested in learning more about God, Catholicism or the Church? Perhaps you are already a Christian of another denomination, or believe in God but aren’t sure who or what God is, or perhaps you have never believed in God but feel that there might be something drawing you in, even if you’re not quite sure what that is yet.

In the first instance, you should make an appointment to come and speak to Father. There are no commitments on your part. You will not be expected to ‘sign on the dotted line’ in your first meeting, nor come to Mass every week without failure (though it would help!), nor will you be chased for a commitment.

Your conversations with Father are totally confidential and you should feel comfortable asking anything that is on your mind. He will be able to offer you advice and guidance, recommend further reading and answer any questions you may have. Should you eventually wish to pursue things further, you can begin formal instruction, sometimes known as the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).

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